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Lead Pastors

David and Carol Cox

- Joined 180 Church in January 2021
- Married Since 1997
- 3 Children and 3 Grandchildren
- Served together in Kids and Youth Ministry for 16 years
- Ordained through the Assemblies of God in 2011

Pastor Dave enjoys golf, fishing and the Dallas Cowboys. Carol enjoys shopping and anything Mickey Mouse.

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Worship Leader

Vicky Albious

- Joined 180 Church in 2021
- Married since 2014
- 3 Children (Khira, Israel, and Titus)
- Extensive history leading worship

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Youth Pastors

Lucas & Tori Waltz

- Joined 180 Church in June 2022
- Married since 2017
- one daughter (Amelia)
- Served together in over 7 years of Youth Minstry
- Licensed through the Assemblies of God in 2021

Lucas enjoys disc golf and the L.A. Rams as well as spending time with family. Tori enjoys being outside, painting and coffee.

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Church Administrator

Sherri Medley

- Joined 180 Church Staff January 2023
- Married to Jack since 1985
- Sherri and Jack served 21 years as Lead Pastors
- Graduated Crowder College
- Crowder College Associates Degree in 1991
- Graduated Mississippi University Women December 2008
- MUW Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 2008
•-Served 10 years @ New Life A/G Columbus, MS) as Administrator

Sherri enjoys playing piano and animal scavenger hunting for alligators, bears, birds, and other wildlife from safe distances, hiking, browsing antique markets, traveling, and tourism.